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A driver’s basic tool is the truck. If properly maintained and taken cared the driver will be able to enjoy the open road and make a great living doing it, If not there will be endless problems and frustration. When we approach our equipment we keep in mind just how important it is to our drivers to have as hassle free of a life as possible while allowing them to make the kind of living that they deserve. For this reason we chose our fleet carefully and get only the kind of trucks that can make this a reality.

Majority of our fleet consists of Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579 trucks which offer both comfort for our drivers and performance on the road where it maters most. Because we care for the wellbeing of our drivers we ensure that our trucks have the Safety features that will keep our drivers safe and out of danger. Our Maintenance team will ensure that you are able to stay on the road without hassle and are able to run the miles for a great paycheck.